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Thailand Vacation in Chumphon
Chumphon province is located in the most upper part of the Southern region. Following the Highway No.4, it is approximately 463 kilometers from Bangkok or about 476 kilometers by railroad. The total area of Chumphon is about 6,009 square kilometers,the fourth largest province of the South.

The province is divided into 8 Districts, 70 Tambons, and 655 villages. Considering the administrative area, there are 2 municipal areas 12 sanitary areas and 66 Sub-district Administration Organization The boundary to the north is Prachuap Khiri Khan, to the south is Surat Thani. The Gulf of Thailand situates on the east, while the west are the Union of Myanmar and Ranong. The shape of the province is long and narrow, the west consisted of mountains which are also the natural international boundary. The plain area which is suitable for farming is in the central part. The east of Chumphon consist of 222 kilometers long coastal with beaches. Raining season in Chumphon is relatively long, last from May to November. The temperature is not too high in summer and not too low in winter as well.
At June 1997 the population residing in Chumphon is 444,820,222,865 are male and 217,955 are female. The population density is 72 per square kilometer. The highest population was found in Chumphon district while the lowest are is in Patao district. About 15.47% of total population live in the urban areas 65.41% are over 13 years old with 52.78% of labour force and 2.13% of unemployed persons. The minimum wage in Chumphon is 130 baht daily.
In 1996, it is found that 55.38% of total area is cultivated land, 19% are under forest and 41.68% are under residential land.

Economic Background
Chumphon is the small province with the high growth rate. Gross Provincial Product has been increased 3 times in 10 years. Compare to the Gross Domestic Product the product share of Chumphon is constantly at 0.55% except in 1989-1990 the share was down to 0.5% due to the typhoon “Gay” Anyway, Chumphon per capita income has been growing at the high rate. In 1995, per capita income was 49,324 baht, accounted for the 7th highest of the south or the 26th highest of the kingdom. The economic growth rate is also relatively high which was 10.27% compare to 6.24% of the South, 4.23% of Surat Thani, and 8.84% of the whole Kingdom.

During the last 10 years, agriculture has been the most important sector, followed by trade sector and service sector, manufacture sector. In agriculture sector, cultivation is the main actively, about 40% of GPP. In 1995, the main crop was coconut, para rubber, coffee, durian, rambutan and mangosteen. However, some of these are under government subsidy and may get some negative impact by GATT and AFTA. Fishery is the second most important activity and has the potential to develop. Manufacture sector in Chumphon is small and has not fully developed. Most factories are small agro-in dustried factories, such as cannery and vegetable-oil extraction. Chumphon is the center of manufacturing. For the rest of economic sector, the change has been slightly during last decade. In general, Chumphon is the province with the good economic condition and high purchasing power. Anyway, Chumphon economy depends upon only agriculture sector which is so sensitive to the uncontrolled factors, such as natural disaster and world market condition.

There are several natural beauty both inland and coastline, including beaches, islands, national parks and mountains. Basically, most natural places still keep their original charm and this strong point should be promoted for tourism.

Banking and Insurance.
There are 11 banks with 37 branches operating in Chumphon. The saving bank, the bank for agriculture and cooperative, and the branches of insurance companies also have their business operating. At the end of 1997, the total deposit was 12,637.6 million baht, 13.90% increase from last year, while the total credit was 12,637.6 million baht; 12.33% increase from last year. By this figures, it was found that credit-deposit ratio has been increasing over time.

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The golden Spot for Eco – Tourism
Do you know why Chumphon province has been known as a golden place for “Eco – Tourism?”
It is very easy to answer this question. Chumphon has been able to maintain plenty of natural resources for tourism which have been untouched by the tourists and unspoiled by the time since these natural resources in